St Philip and St James’s church, Grafton Road, Cheltenham, GL50 2DD


Our partners in Ramallah ask us to “Go and tell…”. But before we can tell we need to understand the historical facts, appreciate the religious beliefs that lie behind them, and grasp the realities of life for both sides in the conflict. Informing and educating ourselves and others are key tasks. We therefore organise talks before and during Pilgrimages, invite expert speakers to give talks in Cheltenham and attend meetings in the UK and beyond.

Talks arranged to prepare people for going on Pilgrimage.

100-year history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflictMike Scott-Baumann
The Crusades: the continuing impactS J Allen
Whose promised land?Natalie Burfitt
The archaeology of the Holy SitesJohn Rogerson
Making a Pilgrimage todayRichard Llewellin
Searching for peace in the Middle East.A film by Mischa Scorer

Talks held during Pilgrimages

Amal Nasser – The Tent of Nations family farm. Bethlehem
The Parents Circle – Family Forum. Jerusalem
Cedar Duaybis, writer and theologian. Ramallah
Jonathan Cook, writer, Suffuriya, St Anne’s, Liwan Café. Nazareth
Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions – Ma’ale Adumim Settlement
Military Court Watch, the rights of children. Ramallah
Addameer, Prisoner Support organization. Ramallah
Al Haq, recording and reporting violations of the law. Ramallah
Raja Shehadeh, author, lawyer and co-founder of Al Haq. Ramallah
Badil Refugee and Legal Rights Centre, Bethlehem

Refugee camps visited during pilgrimages – with presentations by Camp guides

Al-Jalazone, Ramallah
Deheisheh, Bethlehem
Al-Amari, Ramallah

Speakers invited to Cheltenham by P and J and other Churches

Mustafa Barghouti, Palestinian leader of the non-violent struggle
Robert Cohen, leading Jewish dissident voice in Britain
Rev Fadi Diab, Rector of St Andrew’s Ramallah
Dr Jeff Halper, Founder, (ICAHD)“Towards Justice in Israel/Palestine: One Democratic State.”
Adam Sutcliffe, Independent Jewish Voices “A dissident Jewish perspective on Balfour.”
Film Five Broken Cameras
Daphna Barham, Director ICAHD UK
Mike Scott-Baumann, “Israel/Palestine today”
Paul Clark, reports on his 3-month visits with Christians for Peace
Sir Vincent Fean KCVO Palestine/Israel: Britain’s key role, then and now

Attendance at meetings held elsewhere

Prof Avi Shlaim. Retired Professor of International Relations, University of Oxford
Karl Sabbagh, Palestinian writer, Centre for Middle Eastern Studies, University of Oxford
Raja Shehadeh, Lawyer, Founder of Al Haq, and writer. SOAS, London
Sir Vincent Fean, former Consul-General Jerusalem. Salisbury
Seminar on The Plight of Holy Land Christians, House of Commons, Westminster
Kairos/Sabeel Conference, Birmingham. Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions and the Churches