St Philip and St James’s church, Grafton Road, Cheltenham, GL50 2DD

Supporting Farmers in Palestine – Zaytoun Fairtrade Products

As we develop our links with sisters and brothers in St Andrews, Ramallah, we are learning more about the situation in Palestine. Farmers in Palestine face numerous problems, including land seizures, illegal settlements, difficulty of movement and farmers losing land or being unable to access land due to the separation barrier. Zaytoun, a fairtrade organisation, set up in 2004, has given thousands of farming families in Palestine, the security of knowing they can sell their crops for a price guaranteed to be above the cost of production.

Farmer co-ops receive a premium that funds community projects, and increased demand for products traditionally produced by women’s co-ops has given them scope to develop business skills and work strategically.

There will be a small stall at the back of church for the next two Sundays with a range of products. These have been shared with us from the Natural Grocery Store, who keep them in stock.

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