St Philip and St James’s church, Grafton Road, Cheltenham, GL50 2DD

Reordering update

The Church Council has submitted a Petition of Faculty to the Diocese, for authorisation to carry out our reordering proposals.  This was considered by the Diocesan Advisory Committee on Reordering (DAC), at their meeting on 30th June. Having reviewed the proposed scheme in great detail, the DAC reached a formal decision not to object to our proposal being approved by the Diocesan court.

P & J’s reordering proposals have therefore been passed to the Diocesan Chancellor for a final decision and a detailed summary paper, prepared by the DAC, was also submitted to the Chancellor in late July, to assist her in making a decision.

The church is now waiting to hear from the Chancellor.  However, we think it likely that, before responding to us, the Chancellor will seek the views of various heritage organisations and may even visit the church.  In these circumstances, we are prepared for a few week’s deferral and welcome this as an opportunity to prepare for the next steps.

We will, of course, keep the congregation informed of any developments, but for the time being ‘the ball’ is definitely in the Chancellor’s court!

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