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Reordering Update

“Have we heard from the Chancellor?” “When are we going to hear from the Chancellor?” The revised Faculty Petition was forwarded by the Gloucester Diocesan Registrar to the Chancellor in October 2017. This followed the commencement of a Consistory Court process under The Faculty Jurisdiction Rules 2015 when the Victorian Society formally objected and served a legal document on P & J, which required a legal reply. Both parties agreed for the decision on the faculty petition to be determined by ‘written submission’ (the alternative being a full court hearing) and awaited directions from the Chancellor. As nearly six months had passed on 22 March 2018 the Reordering Project Board, having taken legal advice, sent a letter to the Registrar and indirectly to the Chancellor querying the “inordinate delay”, asking for directions and for the matter to be dealt with “expeditiously”. Since then both parties have been asked again to confirm their wish to proceed by ‘written representation’. We were advised on 17 April that this remains the case and that the Registrar had contacted the Chancellor requesting further directions as soon as possible. Once P & J have those directions we will, hopefully, have a timetable. However, it could still be another four months before a faculty decision. David Mace


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