St Philip and St James’s church, Grafton Road, Cheltenham, GL50 2DD

Reordering News: Jerusalem Cross

The reordering scheme which the church is proposing will include a new modern timber floor.  This will be light oak coloured, with a darker wood cross, about six foot in diameter, inlaid at the centre of the nave.  The attached photograph shows our design. We have seen such inlaid floors in other reordered churches and they really do look stunning. There is sound theological reasoning for the Jerusalem Cross design which has been chosen by the board and endorsed by the Church Council.  The larger cross in the middle represents the Christian faith, spreading out across the world from the city of Jerusalem, and the four smaller crosses represent centres of Christianity in the four corners of the world.  Images reflecting Christianity’s roots in Jerusalem and the Holy Land also remind us of the church in Ramallah, St Andrew’s, with which Pip and Jim’s is twinned.  However, the detail of the design of the Jerusalem Cross may look familiar to you, this is because these five floor crosses mirror the design of the crosses on the church roof.  Thus, the new floor reflects the heritage of the building, creating a coherence of design which brings together the past and the future.

Jerusalem Cross (2)

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