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News from Ramallah

Ruba and Fadi have just returned from a ‘local pilgrimage’ – they took parishioners to Nazareth, Galilee and Jaffa. They visited some of the churches that the P&J pilgrims remember from last year, and also went out on a boat on the Sea of Galilee, as we did. Like us, they ‘lived the moment with Jesus as if he were there with us’. Most of them had not been to these places before, although the distance from Ramallah is only some fifty miles. However, the trip involved procuring permits to enter Israel, which give a limited number of days in the country and which would have been a complicated and uncertain procedure; an example of the everyday difficulties that Palestinians face when getting around. Ruba also says that 16 members of St Andrew’s have signed up to learn Hebrew, which is a great move towards being able to communicate with their neighbours. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to follow their example and put on an Arabic course here so that those who go over next year have some basic words! They are aware of our continuing prayers for them and for the partnership. Ruba asks us to pray for peace, and for their people to maintain their hope and trust in Jesus Christ.

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