St Philip and St James’s church, Grafton Road, Cheltenham, GL50 2DD

From Nick – Church Warden

Dear All. Whilst I announced the below to the congregation on Sunday, 21st February I’m conscious that some were not present. I wanted to let you know that I have asked Hazel whether should would consider staying on for one more year as Churchwarden and Hazel has agreed. She will, however, be stepping down at the AGM in Spring 2017. I feel that, as a congregation, we probably need to do some effective succession planning both for our next Churchwarden and for other key roles. It is a truism that Churches rely on too few people, doing too many things. Over the next year, I hope to have conversation with the Church Council and the wider congregation to see whether we can shift those dynamics. As a congregation we are numerous and gifted and ought to be able to share these responsibilities more widely. Over the next twelve months, we need to recruit more people to specific, time-limited roles. I would also hope that we can have a greater turnover in those responsibilities in order to enable more people to explore their own gifts and calling. I realise that this will be a challenge and a change in our culture and I look forward to discussing this over the coming months. It is, however, an important way in which the Church becomes a training ground for the Kingdom in which we are called to be stewards of our time and faithful to our baptismal calling both within and beyond the Church.

For now, can I invite you to pray about this matter, to chat to others and to spot those around us who have more to offer!


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