St Philip and St James’s church, Grafton Road, Cheltenham, GL50 2DD

Churches in Cheltenham are asking people what makes them happy?

Recent government research shows Cheltenham is one of the happiest places in the country and this weekend a survey hopes to find out the secret of their success.

This Saturday people on the Bath Road in Cheltenham are being asked what makes them happy? The survey is launching a happiness course at the University of Gloucestershire.

Over four weeks the course will explore the happy life, the successful life, the relational life & the meaningful life. The course will be a mix of presentation and conversation, using recent research from academics, governments and the UN on what makes people happy. The course is free and open to all.

One of the course leaders Nick Davies says, “There is a huge amount of research these days on what makes for a happy life and even governments are thinking that it might be better to judge progress on wellbeing rather than GDP. We want to give people an opportunity to connect with that conversation, with others asking those questions and to think about choices in their own lives which might make them happier.”

The course is bring run by Churches across south Cheltenham but is open to all and looks at public research on how genetics, circumstances and choices effect overall wellbeing.

Nick Davies continues, “Glossy magazines may make us think that money, youth and holidays are the secret to a happy life but our research suggests that most people think family (22% of respondents), friends (14% of respondents) and love (15% of respondents) are all more likely to make them happy.” This weekend we are taking our survey out onto the Bath Road to quiz south Cheltenham and let them know about the course. So that they don’t miss us we will be wearing bright yellow Mr Happy T-shirts.”

The course will take place in Fullwood House on the Park campus of Gloucestershire University. It runs from 7.30-9.30 on 18th February ‘the happy life’, 25 February ‘the successful life’. 3rd March ‘the relational life’. 10th March ‘the meaningful life’. For more information, email or call Laura on 01242 573508.

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