St Philip and St James’s church, Grafton Road, Cheltenham, GL50 2DD

Church Council Minutes 13th January

Report of the Church Council meeting on 13th January 2015


There were no accounts presented to the council at this meeting as the end of year accounts were already in preparation and will be considered by the Standing Committee and the Church Council in February and March. Two items on the Strategic Plan and reordering occupied most of the meeting.

Strategic Plan 2015-2019

The final version of the plan, which took into account the comments made at the open meeting on 1st December, was presented to the council. The council approved the document and Nick will now turn the text into an A5 document with photographs for presentation to the congregation. Small groups will immediately begin work on what should be achieved in the first year.


Nick introduced an outline proposal to the Diocesan Advisory Committee. This is a statement of intent inviting comments from the DAC not a detailed plan. The council suggested amendments and additions before formally giving consent for it to be sent to the DAC in time for its January meeting.

Repairs and Fundraising

The council confirmed an earlier proposal to spend up to £60,000 from reserves on the three phases of the repairs project. The faculty application for the third phase of the work, including the tower, will be submitted to the DAC this month.

The fundraising is going very well with a lot of grants being received over the Christmas, including £7500.00 from the Garfield Weston Foundation and £500.00 from the Charles Irving Trust.

Redundant furniture

A faculty application to dispose of some redundant furniture will go to the DAC. This includes items (chairs, pews etc.) stored under Church House or in the tower as well as some of the pews moved to the back of the church and the south aisle to make more space in the children’s area. This action is being taken after consultation with the Archdeacon.

Janet Thornton                                                                                                        PCC Secretary

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