St Philip and St James’s church, Grafton Road, Cheltenham, GL50 2DD

Church Council Membership Update

Following on from the CC AGM and the Parochial Church AGM (which includes St Christopher’s) to update that the new Pip and Jim’s Church Council members are:
Bob Allard, Katie Blaney, Judith Chapman, Clair Chilvers, Stuart Hutton, Anne Jones, Ian Jones, Valerie Harris, Janina Langdon, David Mace, Gillian Steels (Secretary), Roger Sumner, Janet Thornton, Sara Turner and Lois Wiltshire. (Photos of some of those on the Council are on the notice board in the welcome area at Church to help you get to know them – do say hello to them).

Ginnie Paget and Alan Bishop stepped down from the Council this year and were formally thanked at the meeting for their contribution.

Peter Cottingham and Hazel Mace were re-elected as Churchwardens.

The Church Council is supported by a number of working groups: the Mission Working Group, the Worship Group and the Premises Working Group (which has a sub group the Concert Committee). There is also a Strategy Group working on developing a new church strategy for 2022-2027.

To find out more about the Church Council or any of the Working Groups
please speak to Nick or one of the Churchwardens.