St Philip and St James’s church, Grafton Road, Cheltenham, GL50 2DD




An old prayer of offering begins, “All things come from you O Lord and of your own do we give you…”. It is a prayer which reminds us that ours is a God of creation, generosity and blessing. It also reminds us, as Jesus often did, to sit light to our treasurers here on earth.

As people become committed to Pip and Jims, we ask everyone to consider making a donation to support our work. There was once a time when the Church of England was able to live off its investments, that time is long gone and we are now entirely reliant on money raised locally to balance our books.

Each week around two hundred people attend Pip and Jims, if they each made a gift aided contribution of £12 every week this would enable us to balance our books. Not everyone is able to do that, others may be able to give more. Whatever you can give is gratefully received.

The best way to do this is through our parish giving scheme. This is a tax efficient monthly giving scheme run by the diocese. Details about this are available from our office:

We are committed to providing openness and accountability around our finances and our previous year’s accounts and current year’s budget will be placed on the website in early 2013. Our treasurer Stuart Hutton is always available to answer any questions which you may have. You can email him at

Our hopes for the year ahead, are that we will not only be able to cover our own costs but also to make as significant contribution to enable ministry in less affluent parts of Cheltenham.